• Thomas Kuhndoerfer

    Thomas Kuhndoerfer

  • Michael Schemel

    Michael Schemel

    Director IT, Software Engineer, Robotics Enthusiast, and Venture Director at UnternehmerTUM — leading center for innovation and business creation in Europe

  • Ferdinand Linke

    Ferdinand Linke

    Design Thinking, Mindfulness, Arts and Music, Dreams and Visions; English and German more@ www.ferdinandlinke.com

  • George Pór

    George Pór

    evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management

  • Kumayl Walji

    Kumayl Walji

  • Laura Hunter

    Laura Hunter

    Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Poet

  • Nina Lux

    Nina Lux

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